Negative thinking can become a dangerous habit. When you start to think negatively, it can be tempting to try to force those thoughts out of your head. Try to make them disappear and expel them forever. But this approach is often counterproductive. Lockout services not only work on locks, but they also work for our minds.

Some people can’t identify what they want. Ironically, however, they almost always know what they do not want to recognize. When I ask people to make positive choices, based on what they want, most people prefer to improve a little on the things they do not like. One way to do this is to reverse the comparisons. There are many ways to clean your mind of negative thoughts. Self-therapy is like hiring a mental lockout service for your brain.

What to do with those negative thoughts?

Elections must be smart to be effective. This requirement is often neglected. A choice without common sense is like an annoying advertisement; ends up avoiding it, not paying attention and has a minimal impact on your life.

Self-therapy is like hiring a mental lockout service for your brain

Self-therapy is like hiring a mental lockout service for your brain


You could think of a choice as a kind of advertisement made by you and addressed to yourself as the consumer. The person you must sell to is yourself. You have to buy and really want the demonstration that you are carrying out.

Whenever possible, try to carefully add an adjective or adjectives, so that through them you make a choice as attractive as possible. The objective is to attract it as a magnet towards the desired goal. It is not right to keep things to yourself. If you need to talk about anything, you should do it. Putting thoughts into words shapes them and makes them visible, and that will help you put the problems in perspective so you can deal with them more effectively.

When your mind is running at a mile per hour, it can be challenging to stay calm. In this way, it is more complicated to control the thoughts, especially the negative ones. A minute of calm is often enough. The golden rule here is to be entirely sure of what you are asking for. You must choose what you really want from within and not what you think you want and it must be what you can best imagine.

For example, it is not enough to choose to have a “new apartment,” since a “new apartment” could make you walk to the sixth floor with poor ventilation, in addition to having small rooms, etc. However, it could be technically “new” for you. A better choice would be to state precisely what you really want, such as choosing to live in a quieter, sunny and charming place.

Self-therapy is like hiring a mental lockout service for your brain

Self-therapy is like hiring a mental lockout service for your brain

Often that small change of focus can make a big difference in your thinking patterns. When negative thoughts come, it is beneficial to find a creative outlet for those thoughts. Write things. Draw or paint something. Exploring emotions through creativity acts as self-therapy and will elevate your mood. Creativity can feel like a liberation. When you process your feelings through a form of art or creativity, you are breaking the habitual dynamic of your thoughts, and it will be easier for you to understand and control them.

Do not forget your habits

Because thoughts come from the mind, it is easy to assume that this is where they form. But that is only partially true. Sometimes our dreams come from a wrong environment. For example, if you are surrounded by wrong people, you are likely to start thinking negatively as well.

People who have worked with affirmations know that the literality of the programmed mind creates negative words or phrases of a significant problem. Our minds tend to ignore the negative, and we can easily avoid it.

We are always in a better position to be positive people, at the moment of elaborating any kind of mandate towards ourselves-and affirmations are basically the commands. When making a choice, you should avoid using negative words and phrases. Have you forgotten all the right things around you? Write a list of the things you should be grateful for, no matter how small they seem to be. Sometimes the good things in our lives are right in front of our faces, and even then we cannot see them. Do not ignore all the positive things you already have.