Based on safety and technology applied to road safety, we can clearly distinguish five periods in the history of automobiles. To establish in which of them a specific vehicle is framed is a good reference to know the safety it provides, both to avoid an accident and to protect the occupants if it occurs. This also takes us to a car key replacement near us and how difficult is to get the replacement key done.

However, we should know that this is an ‘incremental’ technological development. Throughout history, there has been no reversal in any aspect of car safety, and the improvements continue to occur, although the results are less and less dazzling. The advances that we illustrate are responsible for most of the reduction in accidents that the automobile has experienced in its history. Thanks to them, driving today is almost 200 times less dangerous than doing it in 1960. This also implies that stealing a car is more difficult now than in 1960. Due to the car key replacement near us existing currently, getting those keys is more difficult and complicated actually that centuries ago.

The first era is one of the passive safety. We can consider officially inaugurated since, before the Second World War. The Hungarian engineer Bela Barenyi exposed his concept of non-deformable habitat surrounded by structures specifically designed to absorb the energy of impact. EuroNCAP has an exceptional role during the last part of this period. There is just no point of comparison between the protection against shock offered by the zones of programmed deformation of a current car and those of one of the last century.

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The second era that of adequate security is marked by the application of microelectronics to traditional control systems. The ESP managed to completely banish the ghost of the ‘loss of control,’ ensuring that a driver can, as long as he acts with a minimum of cold blood, squeeze the limits of physics as much as possible. It is a period that is at its height during the second half of the last decade, with the generalization of stability control.

Forecasts for the future

Smart keys are the future in-car opening systems, provide detailed vehicle information, close and start the unit. The automotive key is getting more complicated each time, and the automotive locksmiths are increasing.

How do smart keys work?

The evolution in the sector avoids the arrangement of car keys incorporating innovation, design, and functionality through the so-called smart keys. Technological development applied to the automotive world, which includes specific characteristics in this type of different and unique devices. This goes further a transponder chip. These car keys remotes come with every modern car now.

Advances essential to increase the protection of vehicles. They are equipped with different practical functions that differentiate them from the traditional keys of command, standing out for the following aspects:

Greater functionality

Detailed and useful information about the car.

Safe and simple opening.

Comfortable closing and start-up.

Equipped with remote control systems, they have primary installation mechanisms inside the car. They facilitate the biometric opening of all the doors and communicate the data through antennas located in the internal unit.

The opening is made within the scope of the vehicle that allows to open the door and activate the ignition by command or button, replacing the traditional keys. The actions are carried out from a certain distance, without the need to move the keys from the pocket.

Utility, security, and functionality

Specially designed to prevent the fixation of car keys, the driver can adapt all the parameters of the car taking advantage of other outstanding functions, for example:

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Select favorite stations.

Modify electrical aspects.

Establish the position of the driver’s seat.

Specify the maximum speed.

Receive information about the kilometers traveled.

Display changes from the LCD screen.

Data on available fuel and battery status.

Operate heating and air conditioning.

Among other features.

This wireless technology in high-end cars offers more significant benefits, demonstrating the great usefulness of the so-called smart keys.

Openings that require more complexity in the duplicates and guarantee the subtraction of the car or any type of error in the system. The traditional formats and the first models of these keys presented failures, which disappeared with the advances of the new technology.

A device of the future that continuously improves by offering new models, designs, functions, and benefits to the driver when intelligent keys are used to enhance safety, forgetting about a possible arrangement of car keys. Car key replacement service will be necessary 24 hours a day. Innovation within everyone’s reach is the current proposal that improves daily, to control the vehicle and guarantee absolute safety to the driver of the car.