Today we find numerous models and formats of security locks to choose from to put in our home. There are multiple levels that we must take into account depending on what we are looking for and also the kind of door we have. Some locksmiths in Tampa can give you different options.

Numerous brands, models and levels of protection to choose from, a task that is not at all easy since choosing between such variety makes you doubt whether we have picked well or we will have made a mistake. Professional locksmiths in Tampa, can give you a hand in this topic.

Mr Tampa Locksmith suggestions on what locks to choose for your home

The drawback of the so-called security locks is that not all of the locks that we can find are 100% safe, since, over time, the techniques and formats are modernized, which in part diminishes their functionality. That we have or do not provide that level of protection that is desired, although, yes, security continues to contribute, although they are somewhat obsolete.

Today we need locks and keys for our living. The locks have always been used to protect properties, houses, shops, and offices; also to safeguard jewelry, money, and documents in safes; to hide secrets in drawers or newspapers or to enforce the punishment of the law in jails, among many other uses. They are a common element in our daily lives that do not stop improving to provide the highest possible security.

Kwikset 910 Provided by Alarm Grid

Kwikset 910 Provided by Alarm Grid

But if the locks protect, the keys still have great symbolic value in our daily lives. The keys are still a symbol of power. Still, they are giving honorific keys when certain significant personalities visit the Town Councils of the cities, the symbolism of the act comes from the Middle Ages and means that the city is “delivered” to the illustrious visitor, without resistance.

Security locks or systems for closing bulbs and cylinders

When we speak of security locks or systems for closing bulbs and cylinders we refer to locks that have in their structure, several blocking points around the perimeter of the door.

In addition to the different brands and security levels, you can also choose in different days with various options regarding the function of the type of door we have, as well as the use we are going to give or need. The locks can be embedded locks for wooden or metal doors, overlocking locks, FAC locks, the called invisible locks or smart locks, electromagnetic locks, anti-panic locks, knob or for fire doors, etc.

We can find so many security locks that we will need good advice and information to choose the one that best suits our needs and our type of entry door. Generally, locksmith services includes lock selling.

Mr Tampa Locksmith suggestions on what locks to choose for your home

Types of locks that can be purchased:

Locks of 1 closing point

The types of locks that people mostly buy and therefore are the best results to users are on the one hand the locks with a single point of closure ideal for stuffing or overlapping. For electro mechanical and electromagnetic locks, this type of locks they are not recommended for use as central door locks, it is much more advisable to use them as a second lock.

Locks with 3 closing points

On the other hand, there are locks of three closing points which can also be found for embossing and overlapping without affecting the level of protection they can provide. This type of locks are highly recommended as the primary lock, and if they are equipped with anti-lever systems, they still give a higher and better result and level of protection.

Locks with 5 and 7 closing points

Next, we find locks with five and seven closing points. This does not mean that the locks with three or four points are less productive, merely that by adding more closing points what we do is reinforce the front door before a lever attack, for example. It is essential to establish a balance between lock and cylinder for safety to be reliable, it is useless to increase the system of closure by points if the bulb we have is outdated.

Anti-lever and automatic security locks

And finally, we can find safety locks anti lever and mechanical locks. This type of locks provide much more extreme security to the armored doors, is a concept that unites various mechanisms to increase safety in this type of entries. Among its main qualities are resistant to anti-card systems, anti-lever, leverage, automatic, etc. Undoubtedly the most resistant locks and combinatorial systems much more modern.

When choosing the type of lock for our main door, it is essential to know the current market, the kind of entry and has at all times with the advice of a locksmith or expert in the sector that can provide us with the necessary knowledge and the information to guarantee our security.