The loss of car keys is one of the worst feelings for a driver. That moment in which after looking at your pockets over and over again and checking that the keys do not appear, it is a moment that really gives panic, especially according to the circumstances in which we can find ourselves. For example, imagine that you are on the other side of the country and you have run out of keys. It is a situation that surely nobody wants to ever spend in their life. Also, depending on the vehicle model we have, it may not be a cheap oversight. You may need to call a car lockout service in Tampa for help.

Since approximately the mid-1990s, the commercialization of vehicles whose keys have incorporated an electronic chip, also known as an immobilizer or transponder, has been expanding. It is a microchip that houses inside the vehicle information. Through a wireless connection between this microchip and the reading antenna located inside the car, it is possible to open or close the fuel circulation when going through the gasoline pump. So, without the data provided by this key, it is not possible to start the vehicle. At this point, it will be a must to call a car lockout service in Tampa.

25 years ago the keys did not include any type of electronic system. These were common keys and making a duplicate of them was simple and not too expensive. But unless you have a car with at least a couple of decades on it, the safest thing is that your key has an integrated electronic mechanism.

Importance of transponder and pair of tips

The transponder is a tiny electronic piece that contains a non-volatile memory (it does not require constant energy for the retention of information). It can be housed in any car key, whether or not it has remote control of doors. These transmitters operate in a frequency range of 125 kHz. As they do not have their own source of power, they are very limited in communication and generally work in a range of 1 cm. to 15 cm. Now glass or ceramic transponders are used.

When buying a vehicle, either new at the dealership or at a second hand, always make sure:

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You must be given at least two keys that work correctly (always check the keys they provide you). Carefully read the vehicle catalog about it and demand that you comply with everything it says. Modern cars need smart keys with an ignition key to save you many problems when key programming or key replacement is required.

The dealer or seller must deliver your ‘PIN CODE,’ which is a code of numbers and/or letters that are those that allow access to the car computer. Without this code, it is basically impossible to generate new keys in case of loss. This is an OBLIGATION of the seller. It is known of cases in which the concessionaires omit this step to force the client in possible difficulties to process the duplicates with them, which are usually very expensive and slow and that they can achieve in independent sites within all the legal and technical norms.

Do not wait to lose the two keys, whenever you lose a duplicate try to replace it as soon as possible.

Try to have a copy with the original styling of the key (only to open doors). In this way, you avoid entering high costs because you have to break the locks and you cannot unlock the rudder if you want to park your vehicle or upload it to a crane.

In case you see that your key has a crack, do not hesitate to look for a duplicate and replace it. You run the risk of splitting it inside the cylinder, and this will cause significant discomfort and a high cost.

Never use your car keys for anything other than what is planned and do not expose them to strong shock or static.


Never attempt to start your car more than twice with a key other than the one programmed, as it can cause enormous damage to the computer. The only solution is to change it or repair it according to the brand of your vehicle. The cost is supremely high and the repair times are long.

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Under no circumstances allow them to attempt to start your vehicle using direct battery connections to your system. In addition to the possibility of damaging the computer, they will not be able to turn it on. You don’t want extra charges on your car lockout service invoice in Tampa.

Whenever you go on a trip, bring a copy of the key for your peace of mind and security. By losing the key, you will not incur unforeseen expenses during your break, and you will not have to move your vehicle by crane.

For no reason allow unscrupulous mechanics to intervene in the electric system of your car to try to turn it on. This is IMPOSSIBLE, and the only thing they will achieve is to damage it.