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interesting facts of locks part 2

Hello, Folks since the first part of Mr. Locksmith Tampa was pretty fun to write we’ve decided to do a Second part to keep you coming back for reading. Please enjoy the reading.

We’re going to get the ball rolling with the following interesting fact.

Keyless Entry System for Vehicles


This invention came to the market roughly three decades after the first car was invented, and we’re talking about a power door locking system was introduced on luxury Cars. However, this new idea wasn’t concrete or reintroduced to the market some 40 years later. Ford introduced SecuriCode in 1980, this combination electronic lock was accessed outside the vehicle near the door’s handle and required the user to enter a unique code before the door would open.

Love Symbol, love locks

In many cultures locks are symbolic of love and marriage, locks have been used as a token of appreciation for years, as a matter of fact, The Pont des Arts bridge in Paris, France has been a destination of lover for years. It has become a tradition to attach this locks to bridge’s grillwork. This is practiced in bridges all over the world.

Lock picking Underwater

Ever since ships have been sinking there has always been capturing the interest of treasure hunters. Charles Courtney, Whose great, great uncle penned Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea, earned his place in the history books by becoming the first person to pick a lock while 400 feet underwater.  

How Harry Houdini became a great escape artist

Well believe it not Houdini was a locksmith, he worked in a locksmith’s shop at the age of 11, and the young apprentice quickly learned how to pick any lock available at that time.  

Largest Known Lock Collection

This is still not confirmed or verified by the Guinness Book of World Records but is said that Robert Rob Dix has the largest lock collection totaling more than 25, 000 locks.  Bob is a Trustee of the Lock Museum of America and master of Antique lock restoration.

Even Louis XVI

King Louis XVI was crazy about locks. This king used to make locks for pure enjoyment; he loved them so much that he also used them to fashioned locks, like small chests. Later he was betrayed by his mentor name Francois Gemain who forge an apartment owned by the King in Versailles.

John M. Mossman Lock Museum


This Museum has more than 370 bank and vault locks as well as old locks, keys, and tools. This Museum that is located in Midtown Manhattan also includes ancient Chinese locks, Egyptian Wooden pin locks and trunks with hidden keyholes.

Ancient China and their Locks

Unlike other societies, China’s elite were the only ones who initially had access to locks and keys; These Ancient Chinese padlocks are often fashioned in animal shapes. However Chinese literature does not give clues as to any design choices. It’s said that emperors had access to locks during the Jin Dynasty, which lasted from 265-420 AD.

The Double-Acting Tumbler Lock

British Inventor Robert Barron invented the double-acting tumbler lock, this type of lock is still used today. He designed this lock in 1778 while working as a professional locksmith.

The Yale Family

This family is known for manufacturing locks and got their fame for creating Monitor Bank Lock Linus Jr. was credited for this. The Yale family, especially Linus Sr. and Linus Jr. were instrumental in the development of high-security locks in the United States.

Pavel Kulikov who is central Russia native claims to have created the smallest lock and key set ever made. Though not yet verified by the Guinness Book of Records. This Russian locksmith is known to develop small locks with the smallest barely visible using the naked eye. Kulikov is credited with making a padlock so small that it fits around the eye of a needle. This lock apparently weighs a hundredth of a gram even though it functions as a standard lock.

These are just some of the fun and exciting fact