How much do we really know about locks beside the apparent fact that the work for securing our home, offices and business establishment? Well here are some interesting, fun facts I found about locks and locksmiths.

The oldest Known lock

An Egyptians pin lock was found near Nineveh that dates back to 4000 years ago.  It is possible that other locks older than this one could have been discovered by an archeologist, however, most basic locks were a slab of wood that fits into a slot. And that would make unlikely to be recognized as a lock like a locksmith in Tampa use today.

The largest Padlock

Guinness World Record holds the most massive padlock ever invented. This lock and key weight 916 lbs, features intricate engraving, and crest. This lock itself measures more than 56 inches tall and 41 inches wide and is located in Pavlovo Art College in Russia.

Egyptian created the first Pin Locks

Egyptians built the first pin lock nearly 3000 years ago. The key to these old locks was huge and required a grown person, historically a man, to operate. This type of locks was used exclusively to secure doors and is thought to have been only available to the wealthy or government.

Viking woman had some sort of power

In Viking culture woman often wore their husband’s key on their dress as a sign of power and privilege. Archaeologists have found pieces of keys in the graves of Viking women, which is a testament to how much keys were treasured in the Viking Era.

Skeleton Keys, nothing to do with a human skeleton

Many people have made up different theories about skeleton keys. But the truth is that skeleton key, which are mater keys capable of working many locks, are called this because they are stripped down to their essential part, or skeleton. Now a day’s locksmith uses this type of key to open locks when the keys are misplaced or lost.

Duplication of Mechanical Key

The first known mechanical key duplication machine goes back to 1917. Hardware stores and locksmith offer key duplication machines. Unlike before where you had to be fashioned by hand.

The ceremony of Keys rituals      

This important ceremony goes back as far as the 14th century and is held once a year in the nightly matter (9:52 pm), this happens in the Tower of London and tickets to the event are usually sold out for the year in advance. The keys to the Tower of London are only escorted back to the Queen’s residence by the Escort to the keys. Some folks say that this ceremony originated in the Middle Ages and had just been delayed once during the Second World War, however, this ceremony has never been canceled.

Catherine the Great Lock Collection

This Russian Lady serving as Czarina in the late 18th Century, also known as Catherine the Great had one of the unique elaborated Lock Collection in her time. She enjoyed designing locks. She once pardoned a locksmith who fashioned a necklace for her.

The Romans and their Lock Technology

The Romans unlike the Egyptians predecessors of locks, changed the locking technology approximately 2000 years using steel and created pin tumbler locks with steel springs. Capable of opening doors only from one side. Roman locks and keys also fashioned from iron and bronze; some historians theorize what motivated the Roman advancing lock technology was to keep woman confined, as the woman of the day were kept locked up.

Locks and Door lock Manufacturing Industry

149 business is representing a whole earning of $4 billion according to recent figures by Ibis World, and this has hit very high numbers since the industrial revolution.

There you have it folks, some interesting and fun fact about locks…I hope you’ve liked this article.