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Hello Folks! Here’s an excellent locksmith Tampa topic to talk about. Now just before we dive into why your business needs to have panic bars. Let see what panic bars are.  The term Crash Bar or Push Bar is sometimes used to describe a Panic bar; it’s the same thing just to clarify. It’s called a panic bar because when panicked crowd press against it in an emergency it will be effortless and fast to open a door with a panic bar. This bar is a door locking device consisting of a spring-loaded metal bar fixed horizontally on the inside of an exit door about 40 inches up from the bottom of the door. Without a panic bar people in an emergency may not be able to exit a building.

A panic bar can be used in doors made of steel, wood, aluminum or even glass; it can also be used in single and double doors. Here is an essential factor, Panic bars are required by law on all fire and emergency exits. Another thing is that this panic bar on fire rated door must be able to withstand high temperatures and must latch every time the door closes.  

Now let’s talk about some real reasons and benefit of having panic bars in your business.


Safety is the number one benefits of having panic bars in a business establishment when it comes to evacuating people in an emergency and as well as non-emergency. The door can remain locked on the outside preventing any unwelcome intruders.

Prevent injuries during an exit

This goes hand in hand with safety, how does it prevent injuries? Simple, when in an emergency where you need to evacuate the building the first thing people do is rush to the nearest exit, and if there isn’t a panic bar to open the doors people will pile up, step all over each other causing a lot of injuries. You see my point.


There are many choices available to you, from price point to appearance. You have different option to choose from and styles.

Here are three basic types of exit devices available:

1.    Rim Style: This type is mounted on the inside surface of the door.

2.    Mortise style: Like standard, a mortise lock, this type of crash bar or panic bar has its locking mechanism mounted (mortised) into a cavity in the door.

3.    Surface/Concealed style: this type is constructed with vertical rods. Concealed exit devices additional latching at the tops and/or bottoms of the doors. This type of exit devices is used when aesthetics play a substantial factor in design.

Check out and read this article, a good read:

Lowering Insurance Cost

If your building is very secure and safe your insurance might decrease because of having a panic device in place. Just as how enhanced safety feature on an automobile often comes with a premium discount, the same can be said for the property.


Believe it or not, but panic bar prices can range from $300 to $100, and I’m sure that if you call your commercial locksmith company to install more than one panic bar, they’ll give you a great deal.

Now if you own a building that requires panic bars in this article I’ve mentioned some excellent reason as to why you need them, as a matter of fact, some building are required by law to have them. They’re beneficial in many ways, but above all, it will give all of the people in your building the option to exit safely in case of an emergency. I hope this article has helped you!